A Poem

Did you know when I’m not writing erotic romance stories I enjoy spending my time writing poetry? Well, today I thought I’d share one of my poems with you all. I hope you like it.

My body is confined but my heart is free,
Having you in my life means everything to me.
Through my mind and crazy thoughts,
Deep down to my heart I fell in love.
You lift my fears and loneliness,
Ever since we had our first kiss.
Days turn to nights and nights turn to days,
Let me wipe those tears away.
Hold you close so you know you’re safe,
Hold you close because I’d have it no other way.
I’m here for you and no one else,
Before you all I had was myself.
You’re my treasure and my heart and soul,
So hold on tight and let our love flow.

Copyright © 2016, Andrew J Wirth

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