How my writing began

I never knew what it meant to struggle until I came to prison. It took me losing everything to realize how important books are. I’ve spent years in prison, fighting to stay alive, but when nighttime came, I was able to escaped into the pages of a book. These stories put me into a fantasy world and took me away from the reality of what my life had become.

People I considered friends left me to rot like I never even mattered. But when they were gone, I still had my books. They became my passion and reading quickly took over a majority of my time.

Soon, I began to write my own stories, and I loved the escape it brought me. Writing gave my life in here meaning. It gave me something to wake up for, and by using some of my fantasies, I created a collection of amazing erotic tales. You’ll soon be able to read these tales in my upcoming release, Wildest Dreams and Deepest Desires, Volume 1. I hope people keep an open mind when reading my book, and that it opens your horizons to new sexual adventures.

But, short erotic tales aren’t the only thing I’ve been writing. I spend most of my days crafting stories, and coming soon, is a line of biker erotic romance books, that will bring my readers into a version the world I lived before confinement.

Whether I make it or fail as an author, I’ll know one thing, I gave it my everything. I hope you all enjoy my stories.

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