New Poem

Here’s a poem I wrote for my parents. I hope you all like it!

You held me in your arms and taught me how to speak.
From young on, every time I looked into your eyes, I knew you loved me for me.
As I grew into a young man, my life going out of control,
You never let me forget I had a good heart and soul.
All the lessons you taught and the words of wisdom you spoke,
I couldn’t understand until it was too late.
Now I’ve lost everything like this was my fate.
So I want you to know you gave me strength and courage to speak my mind,
Showing me you never let a family member struggle or get behind.
You’re beautiful, strong and so very smart,
Giving us unconditional love straight from your heart.
As time goes on roles will be reversed.
I’ll give you everything you ever gave to me.
I’ll hold you and care for you until the very end,
Because you weren’t just my parents, you became my friends.

Copyright © 2016, Andrew J Wirth

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