New Release: Prison Visit

I’m excited to share my new erotic story and bring readers into my world, showing them what life is like behind the prison walls. Visits with our girlfriends or wives mean everything to prisoners. Just one touch from that special woman gets our blood pumping and our cocks aching.

In Prison Visit you’ll find out how far one woman is willing to go to keep her inmate out of trouble.

Grab your copy of Prison Visit today!

3d_2Visits with Kylie were always exciting. Just her gentle touch had me wishing for more. I never thought I’d find my ride or die in a cold, dark place like this, but I did. She was it—my forever.

But when my naughty girl pushed the limits, catching the CO’s attention, our fate was left in his hands. Not wanting to end up in the hole, or worse, lose my visits with her altogether, I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and Kylie, willing to do anything to keep me out of trouble, jumped on the chance to fix things.

I never thought my first time with her would involve me, her, and a CO, but what was supposed to be a little one on one time with my girl turned into something so much more.


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