New Poem: My Angel

I used to call you my angel,
It was a figure of speech.
But ever since you passed away I knew deep in my heart you were watching over me.
I remember the first time we met just like it was yesterday.
We spent the whole night together talking away.
It’s been ten years since you have passed, yet I still remember the day I proposed.
You had this look of fear in your eyes so I promised you we’d be together until the day that we die.
I never left your side; I even held your hand as you took your last breath.
I leaned down giving you one last kiss and I collapsed because a piece of me died with you.
You’re my angel, my heart, and soul.
There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t remember when I had to let you go.
I remember your smile, your laugh and the way it felt when we kissed.
You’re truly my angel forever looking over me.
My beautiful angel, you’ll forever be missed.

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