New Poem

Forced to go to prison in hopes of change.
How can we change in a life filled with pain?
A place where the strong survive and the weak are beaten and left to die.
Metal bars to keep us in,
The moment they’re open the violence begins.
No hope of reform or change in a place filled with so much pain,
My dreams take me away because in my heart I know there is a better way.
My body is confined, but my mind is free,
That’s one thing that prison couldn’t take from me.
We smile, laugh but trust me it’s not real,
In prison, one wrong thing will get you killed.
So, as you read this, please think before you react,
Because trust me you don’t want to be where I’m at.

Forgive me for all the pain I’ve caused.
Andrew Wirth

New Poem: Numbers

We never realize how much numbers are used,
Until these numbers refer to you.
567221 is how I’m known.
My life is that of mere existence.
Just another number,
A lost soul you could say.
Tears dried up,
Lives moved on.
Every day is a struggle,
It’s hard for me to carry on.
But I think of the day that freedom will come,
When I can walk down the street with the sun shining bright and a little wind blowing on my face.
Will I be forgiven for all my mistakes?
Nightmares, trembles, that’s how I live my life,
Ever since that terrible night.

New Poem: My Angel

I used to call you my angel,
It was a figure of speech.
But ever since you passed away I knew deep in my heart you were watching over me.
I remember the first time we met just like it was yesterday.
We spent the whole night together talking away.
It’s been ten years since you have passed, yet I still remember the day I proposed.
You had this look of fear in your eyes so I promised you we’d be together until the day that we die.
I never left your side; I even held your hand as you took your last breath.
I leaned down giving you one last kiss and I collapsed because a piece of me died with you.
You’re my angel, my heart, and soul.
There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t remember when I had to let you go.
I remember your smile, your laugh and the way it felt when we kissed.
You’re truly my angel forever looking over me.
My beautiful angel, you’ll forever be missed.

New Poem

Hello, friends! I’ve written a short poem that I wanted to share with you all. It’s about bikers, and the common misconceptions the general public has of us. I hope you enjoy it.

When I look into your eyes I can see that you’re scared,
But with me there is no reason to have any fears.
You know I’m a biker by the colors I wear and tattoos that you see,
But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to me.
I’m a brother, a son, and one hell of a friend,
Someone you can count on until the end.
So please don’t judge me just by what you see,
Because the truth is, deep within, there is so much more to me.


I’m trying so hard to be a better man,
But sometimes we all need a helping hand.
To guide us on the right path,
To create a life full of happiness that will last.
I failed so many times, but one day I’ll be a huge success.
I’ll never stop trying until I take my last breath.
Hope is something we all need in our life,
Because if we lose that we lose the will to fight.
The moment I came to prison I was lost, feeling broken inside.
This experience has changed me forever deep down inside.
I’m stronger than ever because now I think before I react,
Hoping one day, I’ll touch someone in a special way.
If I could just do that my life will have meant something,
Then maybe this emptiness will go away.

Copyright © 2017, Andrew J Wirth